‘Shikari’ is all about a software engineer Abhilash (Mammootty) who happens to read a novel named Shikari through his friend . Abhilash picturises the novel with the character having his own face. Shikari said the story of Karunan (Mammootty) a freedom fighter and his love story with Renuka (Poonam Bajwa). As the reading progressed Abhilash sees that the remaining pages of the novel is missing and then he is in a search for the remaining pages. And he finally reaches ‘Manjanaduga’’ an internal village region in Karnataka where the story of the novel was based. There he meets with Nanditha (Poonam Bajwa). The movie deals with the rest happenings of Abhilash’s life.

The movie took off brilliantly that without any lag it just enters into the heart of the story but since then the presentation pattern went down. Though the first half comes to an average presentation level the second half led the movie to a deep pit from where it could never return back at any point of the movie. with such a good and fresh theme the director failed to create an impression through the movie.

Direction of the movie was a pretty average one were Abhaya Simha failed to present a good theme in a convincing manner. Lack of experience of this young director could have done wrong. The music department was good giving some good melodious songs as well as some good background scores suiting the occasion. The scripting part of the movie was a big letdown. Cinematography by Vikram Shrivastava was also a pretty average one.

In this movie there is no big performances to show in the acting section except for that of Poonam Bajwas mesmerizing performance. Mammootty has given an ok performance but he could have done it better. Poonam gave a good show. She was apt for the role and did it brilliantly. She was also good to watch on the big screen. Tini Tom, Suresh Krishna and Innocent were also ok with their parts.

There was a huge expectation when Abhay Simha a previous National award winner signed with three time National award winner Mammootty . But Abhaya failed to use Mammooty to a great extent and also he failed to produce the freshness and greatness of the theme to the movie. This movie will be a one which malayalees will try to forget. However we have to wait a bit to see the impact of this movie at Karnataka. Maybe if the narration pattern suits Kannada movie background the movie may perform fairly well at the Sandalwood. Considering the crowd response this movie is getting it should bomb at kerala box office. But the movie which is produced for a low cost and since it is a bilingual one the movie should surely make profits.